Since 2010, BRP SA has been assisting banking and financial institutions in managing constantly evolving regulatory constraints. Specialised in the management of cross-border risk, in particular through its Country Manuals, BRP also offers regulatory updates, advice and training to Swiss and foreign financial intermediaries.


BoD Compliance Solution

The purpose of this product is to enable the supreme governing body to exercise its prerogatives in line with regulatory requirements and with FINMA’s expectations.

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After Brexit

Cross-border financial services from the UK into the EU
Alessandro Bizzozero | Richard MacGrand | Boris Bartels
A comprehensive assessment of the cross-bor-der issues that will affect UK firms selling investment services and products after the UK has left the EU. We look at the situation where UK financial services firms are unable to make use of European passports. The paper also looks at consequences for EEA and non-EEA firms wishing to market into the UK. The paper provides a broad view of barriers to cross-border activity and applies this to the specific and so far unprecedented case of a major country such as the UK leaving the EU.

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BRP’s Country Manuals provide financial institutions with the required skills, knowledge and know-how for the advancement/undertaking of their cross-border activities. They also allow for optimal risk management, in particular focus on the regulatory issues related to cross border activities.

MRR - Mapping of Regulatory Risk

We are pleased to announce that the 2.0 version of mrr© is now available.

Evolution of our platform

Access to information contained in our Country Manuals has been simplified thanks to the new functionality of our platform, SmartSearch (

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