Advice (BRP Switzerland)

BRP SA is at the cutting-edge of regulatory risk management, in particular in the field of financial cross-border services. The quality of its products, its advice, as well as its attractive rates, are among just some of the reasons that have led a large number of financial institutions to choose it as principal provider of trusted, pragmatic and innovative solutions.

Its customers include financial intermediaries of all sizes, ranging from individual firms to conglomerates with more than 80’000 employees. Thanks to the experience and professional careers of its Partners and employees, BRP SA can offer you advice in the following fields:

  • Bank and asset management regulations
  • Practices of banks, in particular regarding wealth management, and of asset managers
  • Risks that banks are exposed to due to their activities abroad
  • Review and drafting of internal regulations and directives covering all activities
  • Review and drafting of contracts and waivers : qualified investors
  • Market access, disclaimers
  • Review of forms such as KYC, investment profiles, suitability etc.
  • AML
  • Management of operational risks (in collaboration with Mrs Nicole Beiner, NB RiskControl)

BRP SA also assists its clients’ in procedures with FINMA regarding authorisations and with foreign authorities in order to obtain cross-border licenses, exemptions or authorisations for the creation of entities.

Managing situations of non-compliance and internal investigations:

The risks of fraud and incidents leading to a situation of non-compliance have increased considerably over the years. An efficient compliance system, comprising of a well-functioning fraud prevention concept is now not only a legal requirement for Swiss financial institutions but it is also of real interest to management and all employees as a means to avoid potential damage and liability claims. A clear and sound framework also reduces regulatory capital requirements for operational risks.

An early discovery of the situations that resulted in fraud or similar incidents is, like the investigation of such situations, an integral part of an efficient compliance system. Only an in-depth analysis of the underlying facts will allow an institution to arrive at effective conclusions enabling it to correct any deficiencies and to strengthen its internal compliance system.

BRP offers assistance on a conceptual level as well as support for internal investigations.

MRR - Mapping of Regulatory Risk

A library in the form of a database of Swiss laws, financial regulations, the authorities’ official practice, as well as best practices.

A dynamic tool of analysis and regulatory risk assessment in line with FINMA requirements and market standards, including a follow-up regarding reporting of the implementation works on regulatory constraints.

BRP News: an ongoing update of principal developments and decisions


  • Swiss laws and regulations, including federal laws and ordinances
  • Circulars, other FINMA publications and Swiss Bankers Association guidelines
  • Relevant Federal Court decisions
  • Practice of FINMA (since 1977) and of the Swiss Bankers Association

Risk analysis

  • 1’700 rules of conduct
  • Structured database
  • Planning, monitoring and reporting of works of implementation
  • Ability to sort and to carry out specific searches
  • Direct access to the source of rules of conduct

BRP News

  • Continuous update of legal and regulatory developments and of the practice of courts
  • Continuous alert service via email
  • Pragmatic and client-oriented approach
  • Biannual inclusion of regulatory changes in the mrr© database

Board of Director’s dashboard

The purpose of this product is to enable the supreme governing body to exercise its prerogatives in line with regulatory requirements and with FINMA’s expectations.

The BoD Compliance Solution offers a synoptic table presenting:

  • The organisational requirements of the Board of Directors;
  • The Board of Directors prerogatives according to the practice of the Swiss financial regulator;
  • The possibility of delegating prerogatives to the Audit Committee and to other committees;
  • A timeframe for automatically establishing the agenda of the Board of Directors meetings and those of its committees.


BRP SA offers training in all regulatory fields.

BRP training include the following features:

  • Tailor-made approach: BRP SA adapts the training content to the reality of its clients.
  • Interactive courses: clients are always asked to participate in practical exercises.
  • Pragmatic approach: the course is based on concrete cases and is designed so that the client can immediately draw practical lessons.

All BPR Training is available in English, German, French and Italian.

The participants receive supporting documents of the presentation and, upon request, a participation attestation in the form of a Training Certificate.

The Training offered by BRP SA covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to Swiss regulations
  • Integration of regulations in the bank’s strategy (duties of the Board of Directors, fit and proper conduct of business, business development etc.)
  • Organisation (adequate organisation of a bank, organisation of the compliance function, bank’s internal regulations etc.)
  • Markets (market rules of conduct, disclosure duty of participations, staff transactions etc.)
  • Banking and financial services (entering into relationship with clients, termination of business relationships, discretionary asset management and investment advice, credits to private banking clients etc.)
  • AML, corruption and fraud
  • Cross-border
  • Collective investments